So I've realised how much plastic is used in my home, of which are very frequently one-time-use plastics. To help reduce the amount of plastic waste, I've set out to try and reduce my carbon footprint. While in the grand scheme of things, my personal reduction will be relatively unnoticeable, but I'm hoping my changes will encourage companies to use less plastic where possible.

I received my first order of bar soaps, which include a shampoo bar, conditioner bar and body wash. My aim is to reduce how many bottles of shower products I own and put them into a smaller form factor.

I spent £16 on Gruum's products (non-referral URL) to get:
- 50g shampoo bar (Revitalising)
- 50g conditioner bar (Revitalising)
- 95g body soap bar (Orange and lavender)

According to Gruum, I should get up to 60 washes with the shampoo/conditioner bars. When using the body soap bar, I used their Sisal soap bag with the bar in, but so far, reduced the body soap bar drastically. Quite possibly too effective at activating the "foamy goodness" in the soap.

I'll be trying different bar soaps from various companies to see how they all compare in terms of smells, of which I've thoroughly enjoyed Gruum's bar soap smells. I have a box of KinKind which my mum has bought me as a present too which smells amazing too and can't wait to try after my current set.

If you wish to use a referral URL for Gruum to get £5 off your first order, it can be used here: